Positive Experience, Positive Results – Sideline Treatment from the Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee

When Zach Mayfield took the football field, he was expecting a game like any other. But the Ravenwood High School linebacker ended the evening in a cast.


“I was at kickoff during the football game, and I went in for a tackle. I guess I landed on my thumb,” Zach said. “After it happened, their athletic trainer, Brittany, helped me feel around my fingers and told me what I needed to do.”


After Williamson Medical Center and Bone and Joint’s athletic training team took care of Zach on the sidelines, Zach’s parents decided to take him immediately to Bone and Joint’s After-Hours Injury Clinic, where they learned he had fractured his hand.


“The nurses were so kind, and he got an X-ray that night,” said Kristen Mayfield, Zach’s mother. “The doctor on call was very nice and knowledgeable, and he explained everything to us. We decided to get Zach in a cast that night. We went home feeling good about his injury.”


A few days later, Zach came back to Bone and Joint to meet with a hand specialist, who recommended waiting on surgery to see if the injury could heal naturally.


“Thankfully, he was correct, and Zach’s hand is healing the way we all hoped for without needing the surgery,” Kristen said. “It was a wonderful experience for all of us, and we are so thankful for everyone and their amazing customer service and expertise.”


The After-Hours Injury Clinic is open Monday through Thursday from 5–8 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m.–12 p.m.


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