Carol Grossman was living with constant knee pain. Years of maintaining an active lifestyle took their toll as sports injuries began affect her ability to do what she loves. That’s when Carol decided to seek help from the Bone and Joint Institute. Upon inspection, her physician informed her that, although she would require knee replacement surgery down the road, he was determined to sustain her knees as long as possible, and only replace them when absolutely necessary.

To maintain her lifestyle and give her knees more longevity, Carol and her physician began a regimen of lubricant and cortisone injections, which successfully preserved her joints for years after her initial visit. But over time, the pain became too much for the injections to alleviate.

“When it was time, he replaced both my knees,” Carol said. “And I’ve never been better.”

In addition to her regained abilities, Carol was amazed at the exceptional and empathetic care she received at the Bone and Joint Institute.

“The doctors are so compassionate,” Carol said. “They listen to you and actually hear you. The doctors take the time to explain things and give you options, so I never felt rushed. My needs were always taken into consideration – not just my physical needs, but life needs. The entire staff cares a lot.”

Since the operation, Carol has remained active and returned to her favorite activities.

“I’ve been able to hike, climb waterfalls, ski and golf again,” Carol said. “I am very grateful to the Bone and Joint Institute for the exceptional care they have provided for me and my family.”

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