Bone and Joint Institute Patient Pens Song for Dr. Perkinson

Steve Porter dreamed about being in the music industry since he was a child, and his passion for writing has stayed with him into adulthood. When Brian Perkinson, M.D., was able to relieve him from unending pain with hip replacement surgery, Porter thanked his physician the best way he knew how: with a song.  

“Limped in one day out in Franklin, Dr. Perk said your x-rays show bad news. He said don’t worry, son, you’re gonna make it, gonna install a new hip for you,” sang Steve in his new country song, appropriately titled, “Dr. Perk.” “I got a new hip, titanium alloy with a plastic tip. I got a new hip. I can get on the dance floor and dip.”

As the song suggests, Steve began experiencing extreme pain and underwent a total hip replacement in February. Throughout his recovery, he came to know Dr. Perkinson on a personal level, and he mentioned his passion for songwriting in passing.


“Fast forward to now, I feel better than I have in years,” said Steve. “I’ve lost nearly 100 pounds, I’ve gone back to work, I can walk without pain, my marriage is better, literally everything in my life has changed.”

Steve ran into a friend who saw his transformation and suggested he share his progress with his physician. Delighted and impressed, Dr. Perkinson suggested Steve write a song about his experience.  

“This showed me that Dr. Perkinson truly listens to his patients,” said Steve. “He pays attention to our lives, hobbies, passions, etc. Dr. Perk was always positive and truly seemed like he cared.”

Steve specializes in comedy and has penned many parodies and funny songs through the years. His song of thanks for Dr. Perkinson and the Bone and Joint team will be cherished.  

“Dr. Perkinson always talked to me like a person, not a doctor,” said Steve. “He helped me understand everything instead of confusing me. I am truly blessed beyond measure for the care I received with the Bone and Joint Institute. I would recommend them to ANYONE.”