Christopher Stark

What Memorial Day Means to Former Army Major Dr. Christopher Stark

With over 25 years at Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee, Christopher Stark, M.D., has a passion for orthopaedic medicine with strong ties to the military.

After completing his formal medical education, Dr. Stark followed a family legacy of military involvement by serving in the 101st Airborne Division as a Major in the U.S. Army. Stationed at Fort Campbell for more than three years, Dr. Stark worked as an orthopaedic surgeon treating active-duty soldiers in sports medicine, fracture care and shoulder surgery.

“I have nothing but respect for the sacrifice that the soldiers and their families make to protect our country’s democracy,” said Dr. Stark. “It was truly a great experience.”

After retiring from the military, Dr. Stark found he felt right at home with the similar comradery and partnership Bone and Joint Institute embodies, and he continues to serve his community through medicine today. Recognizing the sacrifices service men and women make to defend the freedoms we too often take for granted, Dr. Stark encourages people to support the military.

“This Memorial Day, consider what you personally can do this week, month or year to support freedom in the United States and beyond,” he said.

Today and every day, we thank individuals like Dr. Stark and his fellow service men and women around the globe for their service to our country, and we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice fighting to defend our freedom.