Avid traveler is back on the road after spine surgery with Bone and Joint

For many years, Eric Eitel lived with severe back pain. Discomfort became an everyday part of his life. His passion for traveling and his work developing software for international churches took a back seat due to his pain. Unwilling to settle and tired of discomfort, Eric decided to take action.


“I had to do something. So that’s when I went to see Dr. McNamara at the Bone and Joint Institute,” Eric said.


After their initial meeting, Dr. McNamara was quickly able to diagnose the problem and Eric began physical therapy. When it became obvious that more treatment was necessary, Dr. McNamara scheduled the surgery.


“The thing that really touched me about Dr. McNamara was that he was very efficient and encouraging,” Eric said. “He put me at ease and looked beyond my surgery, asking why it was important to me. He helped me look forward to what I want to be doing once I have healed.”


In February 2018, Dr. McNamara performed a lumbar fusion and repaired a bulging disc to relieve Eric’s back pain.


“Dr. McNamara and his team put me at ease every step of the way with their kindness and skill,” Eric said. “Today, I am walking unassisted without any pain, and have a strength in my mind and body that I haven’t felt in 30 years. I am telling everyone I know about the incredible Dr. McNamara and his group at the Bone and Joint Institute.”


Since his surgery, Eric has been able to travel again and has taken trips to New York and Ukraine.


“The surgery was a great success, and now I don’t have any pain at all,” Eric said.


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