Gaining Back What’s Lost: Steve Branson’s Double Hip Replacement Journey

“I thought I knew how much I had lost in my life, but I didn’t fully realize it until I started gaining that back.”

Steve Branson reflected on the literal and figurative strides he’s made since his double hip replacement earlier this year. Not far into his early 40s, Steve found his incredibly busy schedule as a speech therapist at Ft. Campbell, a professor at Murray State University, a worship leader and a father to five children, was often interrupted by back and hip pain.

“I put it off a little bit, thinking I could endure the pain,” said Steve. “I told myself I can’t play golf, but that’s ok. I can’t jog, but I can deal with it. One day I was in my backyard and my son threw me a ball, and I couldn’t go get it. That was a whole different type of pain.”

Steve had previously been treated at Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee by John Klekamp, M.D., for back injuries sustained as a college athlete. After Steve underwent an MRI to identify the source of his most recent pain, Dr. Klekamp immediately referred him to his colleague, Bone and Joint Institute hip replacement specialist Brian Perkinson, M.D.

“My MRI showed some abnormalities in my hips, and Dr. Klekamp referred me to a colleague better suited to treat that area,” said Steve. “I had so much respect for Dr. Klekamp and his recommendation, so I quickly made an appointment with Dr. Perkinson.”

Dr. Perkinson recommended Steve undergo a double hip replacement, the first surgery taking place in April 2021 and the second in July 2021.

“To say it’s been life-changing would be an absolute understatement,” said Steve. “I have already gained back so much that I haven’t been able to do for 20 years. This entire experience has been an amazing, emotional ride.”

Just a few short weeks after his second hip replacement surgery, Steve shared he has already exceeded tasks and goals he was unable to complete prior to surgery. Now, he can work, play guitar, lead worship and play with his children with virtually no pain.

“This has not only affected me and my life, but also my whole family,” said Steve. “I feel like they are finally getting to experience their father, and that’s been really special.”

Steve shared that if he had a time machine, he would use it to tell himself not to wait, and that this surgery would be life-changing for him. For others in a similar position, Steve recommends doing independent research to stay informed and reduce any worry, but he places his full trust in the entire Bone and Joint Institute team.

“Before my hip replacements, I couldn’t imagine holding a guitar for that long or having a conversation with someone without being in pain or shifting around constantly,” said Steve. “After, I’ve started finding my old self again, and I didn’t realize I would ever have the ability to get that back.”