Judy Barnhill

From The Patient: Judy Barnhill

What started out as a quiet Saturday morning in May quickly became the start of a long road to recovery for retired schoolteacher Judy Barnhill. After a broken chair led to a fall in her kitchen, Judy was left with a dislocated shoulder and multiple torn tendons.

When an MRI revealed the need for surgery, Dr. Scott Arthur, an orthopaedic surgeon at Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee, was able to quickly repair Judy’s shoulder. However, the challenging part was just beginning.

To regain mobility in her shoulder, Judy needed physical therapy. But the injury was to her right arm, which made it difficult to drive.

“I asked to do my physical therapy at the Thompson’s Station location because it was only about 10 minutes from my house,” she said. “Having that location available so close to home was a huge help for me and my family during my recovery process.”

Because this was the first time Judy had experienced a surgery recovery, she was nervous about the process. However, the team at the Bone and Joint Rehabilitation Services at Thompson’s Station made her feel right at home.

“I was so impressed, not only with the physical therapists Brittany Richardson and Mark Berg, but also with the receptionist, Sandy Garland and the rest of the staff,” said Judy. “They were all so kind and encouraging from the start.”

Initially Judy was discouraged by her lack of independence, but the medical professionals at Bone and Joint Institute made her feel secure and took steps to make her recovery seem more manageable. “Their skill was exemplary,” said Judy. “They were very good at teaching me what to do so I could continue the exercises at home.”

With exercises that increased her mobility and strength, Judy began to see a real improvement in her abilities to complete daily tasks again. “At 76, I worried that I would never quite bounce back from an injury like this,” said Judy. “But with the help of Bone and Joint Institute, I now have full range of motion in my arm.”

For Judy, the hardest part of recovery was relearning simple tasks like putting away dishes and fastening clothing. “It was challenging,” said Judy. “But I knew when I was doing the therapy at Bone and Joint Institute that I was doing it right.”

After a few months of consistent progress, Judy was cleared to attend a conference in North Carolina where she did not need to wear her sling. Upon completing her recovery a few weeks later, Judy was overcome with joy. “When they gave me a t-shirt that said I had finished therapy, I almost cried,” said Judy.

Judy is grateful that the staff at Bone and Joint Institute made a daunting recovery process very comfortable and stress-free. “Every time I was there, I felt like I was their only focus,” Judy said. “They really cared about me and my recovery, and I can’t say enough nice things about them.”