Jim Dayton

From The Patient: Jim Dayton

For Jim Dayton, Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee has always been the obvious choice for orthopaedic care. At 52, Jim prides himself on his active lifestyle and being able to keep up with his two young children.

Between weightlifting, a love for competitive volleyball and adventures with his children, Jim has over 20 years of experience with the physicians at Bone and Joint Institute. “I’ve probably had more of my procedures done at Bone and Joint than anyone,” said Dayton. However, one recent incident solidified his appreciation for the group.

While playing kickball at his son’s birthday party in March of 2021, Jim rounded first base and immediately knew something was wrong. After consulting with another physician in a different city, Jim was diagnosed with a pulled muscle. After days of continued pain, Jim wanted second opinion.

After hearing of the situation, the team at Bone and Joint Institute was able to get Jim scheduled for an MRI the very next day. “One of the coolest things is that it’s a group of good, hardworking people who care and were able to fit me in,” said Jim. “It’s a pleasure to walk in there. Everyone is so pleasant and nice.”

The evaluation and follow-up with Dr. Scott Arthur showed that Jim had suffered a complete hamstring tear. He needed immediate surgery to repair the damage to the muscle.

The following day, Jim was scheduled for surgery. Because it was a clean tear, Dr. Arthur was able to anchor the muscle, reattach the hamstring to the pelvis and put him on the road to recovery.

For Jim, the entire surgery process was a positive experience.

“The physicians, anesthesia team, and staff at Bone and Joint Institute called to check in on me months after surgery throughout my recovery,” said Jim. “They really make you feel like family.”

Now, completely healed, Jim is back to the things he loves doing like rock climbing with his daughter and running football routes with his son.

“I’m back to doing things like weightlifting that I would not be able to do at my age without Dr. Arthur’s help,” he said. “Working out is a passion and a pastime, and it’s how I stay active with my kids.”

Jim will continue to choose Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee for himself and his family in the future.

“I won’t go to anyone else,” said Jim. “Bone and Joint is the group I go to, and the group that I would recommend to others.”