Expertise, experience and exceptional healthcare for Spring Hill

Originally published in the Williamson Herald

Andrea Pierce, PT, has a passion for serving others and helping her patients at Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee get back to doing what they love.

“I am proud to provide exceptional rehabilitation care while helping guide people as they return to their highest level of function,” she said. 

Now, Pierce will be able to provide that same level of care closer to home as a physical therapist and clinic manager at the new Williamson Health and Bone and Joint Clinic located in Spring Hill. 

As a former collegiate athlete at the University of Notre Dame, Pierce brings over 24 years of experience in rehabilitation, outpatient orthopaedics, sports medicine, and manual therapy to the new Spring Hill clinic. She has previously served Bone and Joint Institute patients in Franklin and Spring Hill, but is excited to fill a need in her growing community.

“My first home in Spring Hill was located in the same area as the new clinic. There was hardly anything here — one grocery store and lots of farmland,” said Pierce. “Fast forward 24 years, and the traffic has greatly increased as more and more people realize how great is it to live and work in this community.”

The marked increase in population has directly driven demand for more quality healthcare in the area. It’s a need Williamson Health and Bone and Joint Institute plan to meet/fulfill.

“As a resident of Spring Hill, I love that the new clinic allows patients south of Franklin to receive the orthopaedic care and physical therapy they need without the stress of traffic or the need to miss work or school because of our convenient location and hours,” said Pierce.

For Pierce, Spring Hill has been home for more than two decades. It’s the place where her children have grown up, and she’s proud to work in the community she knows and loves. 

“Being able to witness the growth in Spring Hill has made me very in tune with the needs of the community both as a resident and a business partner,” said Pierce. “With the expertise of our team of providers, I am confident that we will be able to provide the same high-quality care that our patients are used to from Bone and Joint.”

The team currently includes two clinicians, but was built for rapid growth to meet the demand of the area. The new state-of-the-art facility is designed to accommodate the growing communities of Spring Hill, Thompson’s Station, and Columbia, with the capacity for up to six clinicians.

These providers specialize in all levels of rehabilitation including high school and collegiate athletes, elite athletes, post-op total joint replacement, post-op spine, fracture care, sprains and strains, weekend warrior injuries and those just wanting to live pain-free. 

Pierce has extensive training in manual therapy under Stanley Paris and additional specialization in Mulligan, Maitland and McKenzie techniques, all of which aid in joint recovery and mobility. She is also certified in dry needling, blood flow restriction and ASTYM treatment of soft tissue injuries. 

“The facility is complete with all of the standard equipment, as well as more unique resources like Normatec compression boots to aid in recovery,” said Pierce. “We also provide a protected area with 20 yards of turf to allow our patients to move more athletically and functionally — something that not many clinics have.”

In addition to physical therapy, Bone and Joint Institute will also provide orthopaedic urgent care and physician clinics. Primary care and lab services will be provided by Williamson Health. 

“I am honored to serve the residents of Spring Hill and the wonderful area that I call home,” said Pierce. “The residents are excited, and so are we!”

The Spring Hill clinic is open and accepting new patients. To make a physical therapy appointment, call 615-791-2071 or visit for more information.