The Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee Expanding in 2021

Since its formation on March 21, 2018, The Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee has experienced tremendous growth in Middle Tennessee. Darren Harris, CEO, reflects on the past two years and shares news about exciting changes on the horizon for 2021.

Williamson Source: Darren, tell us about The Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee’s growth over the past two years.

Darren: Our growth has been tremendous and it often surprises people to see what we have accomplished in less than three years. We started with 13 surgeons in a temporary medical office space in the Williamson Medical Center Tower. We had limited space, and we knew we were going to need to expand. In partnership with Williamson Medical Center, we moved into our new state of the art 121,000 square-foot medical office building on the campus of Williamson Medical Center, just off of Interstate 65.    Since moving into our new office we opened our Rehabilitation Services department with physical and occupational therapy, recruited three more physicians to join our group, and started an After-Hours Injury Clinic in our Franklin office, and Orthopaedic Urgent Care Clinics in Thompson’s Station and Nolensville. We also added advanced imaging, a procedure suite, and an ambulatory surgery center through our partnership with Williamson Medical Center. The After-Hours Injury Clinic, for life’s unexpected injuries, is open Monday – Thursday from 5 – 8 p.m. and Saturdays from 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. at our main location in Franklin. 

WS: Tell me about your expansion to Thompson’s Station.

Darren: In November 2018, we opened a clinic in Tollgate Medical Plaza in Thompson’s Station. Originally, this clinic space allowed one of our surgeons to see patients who lived south of our Franklin facility in Thompson’s Station and Spring Hill. The past spring, we converted the facility to a walk-in orthopaedic urgent care. Patients are able to come into the orthopaedic urgent care, be seen without an appointment, and get back to their busy lives. The Tollgate Medical Plaza location, which also offers Rehabilitation Services, is independently staffed and we have physician extenders who triage patients and see those in need of non-surgical care.

WS: And now you’re expanding to Nolensville this January. What services will be available there?

Darren: Our new Nolensville location will feature an orthopaedic urgent care and will also offer Rehabilitation Services, making our wonderful physical therapy staff available to the community. The facility is right in the middle of Nolensville, a wonderful setting with easy access for all the people that live in the area, and will be open seven days a week.  Physical therapy patients at our Nolensville location will receive care from Elaine Radley, PT, and Lora Torrey, PTA. Elaine is from Nolensville and is already involved in the community. As we open up new locations, our goal is to identify providers who know their neighbors, know the community, and are engaging in the town in which they serve. We will continue the model of recruiting people who live in the communities in which they serve – people who treat their neighbors. 

WS: What else is on the horizon for The Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee?

Darren:  As part of our strategic plan, we aim to have multiple orthopaedic urgent care and Rehabilitation Services centers throughout Williamson County and beyond. We will continue to expand that business model with centers that feature expanded hours and physician extenders.  We’re always looking to potentially add new providers and services to The Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee. We want to grow, always keeping the patient in mind. Our goal is to be a one-stop-shop for patients, bringing all aspects of care in-house so they can have a better collaborative experience and get all their care in one setting.

WS: Speaking of patient experience, you have been a patient of The Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee yourself. What was that experience like?

Darren: Yes, I had the unique opportunity of seeing both sides, as a patient and as CEO. When I had my procedure last year, I very much wanted to be treated like every other patient. I waited in the lobby like everyone else did and scheduled my surgery in the order everyone else did. And I got to experience the providers’ exceptional care firsthand.  In every aspect of care, we always try to look at the patient experience. We want every person who comes in here to be treated like a mom, husband, brother or sister. We always want to focus on the patient’s needs. As a patient, I can tell you that the treatment here was like none other.

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