Total Joint Replacement

Advanced Surgical Technology for Total Joint Replacements

Originally published in Williamson County Living

When arthritis causes debilitating pain that alters your daily life, look no further than the resources at Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee. The group continues to be on the cutting edge of advanced surgical technologies offering a more streamlined approach to common operations like total joint replacements.

With the help of robotic technology, physicians and patients can be more confident in the strategy, accuracy, and recovery surrounding their surgeries. This robotic arm, created by Mako SmartRobotics, acts as a GPS-like extension of the surgeon’s hand, enhancing precision during hip or knee joint surgery. This technology allows for smaller incisions, less pain and faster recovery times.

“The robotic technology we use greatly benefits our patients,” said Brian Perkinson, M.D., a hip and knee specialist at Bone and Joint Institute. “It provides more accurate positioning and balancing of the joint replacement, and also allows less soft tissue dissection. All of those benefits provide an earlier functional recovery and more success in the long run.”

Although every recovery process is different, patients can typically expect to be walking with assistance within a week and returning to a pain-free lifestyle in four to six weeks.

As the first medical center in Middle Tennessee to offer Mako SmartRobotics starting in 2015, these technologies have revolutionized orthopaedics allowing surgeons at the Institute to assess more patients.

The Makosystem uses a CT scan to capture specialized images of the area before surgery so that surgeons can make more educated decisions regarding surgical proceedings. With technologies like these, surgeons can address joint issues at an early stage, often resulting in the need for only a partial joint replacement.

“With this technology, we are able to identify areas of concern earlier, complete less invasive surgeries and, oftentimes, send the patient home the same day,” said Cory Calendine, M.D., a hip and knee specialist at Bone and Joint Institute.

However, state-of-the-art technology is not the only thing that makes Bone and Joint Institute the premier location for orthopaedic needs.

“Partial knee replacements or anterior hip replacements are unique surgeries that must be performed by highly trained specialists,” said Dr. Perkinson. “We are proud to be able to offer these kinds of procedures to our patients at our facility right here in Williamson County.”

As the demand for knee and hip replacement surgery continues to grow, these advanced surgical technologies allow surgeons to serve patients in their time of need with cutting-edge technologies.

“As a hip and knee specialist at Bone and Joint Institute, I meet people in their time of need, not when they are living their best life,” said Dr. Calendine. “It’s a privilege to be able to use new technology to offer innovative treatment methods to our patients.”

With advanced surgical technologies and experienced surgeons close to home, many patients are choosing to have their total joint replacements procedures sooner rather than later so they can get back to enjoying outdoor activities.

“If you are experiencing arthritis pain, come get evaluated at Bone and Joint Institute,” said Dr. Perkinson. “What sets us apart is the environment you’re in, the advances in medicine you have access to and, more than anything, the superior patient experience.” For more information or to schedule a consultation with a Bone and Joint Institute physician, click here or call the clinic at (615) 791-2630.