Christmas Tree holiday season

6 Safety Tips Inspired by Holiday Songs

Originally published in the Williamson Herald

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but holiday preparations and celebrations can sometimes lead to an increased potential for injury. 

Inspired by their favorite holiday songs, the team at Bone and Joint Institute Orthopaedic Urgent Care clinics in Brentwood, Nolensville and Thompson’s Station are sharing tips to stay pain- and injury-free for a tender Tennessee Christmas. 

Decking The Halls Can Lead to Falls

Hanging boughs of holly, stringing twinkling lights from rooftops or placing the star on top of your tree can make some of the most special holiday memories, but when the ladders come out, the injuries creep in. 

“Climbing ladders can be extremely dangerous, so be sure to always have someone available to help you,” said Meredith Chism, FNP-C, one of the nurse practitioners at the orthopaedic urgent care clinics. “A friend or family member can keep your ladder stable, and, if a fall occurs, it’s important to have someone close by to call for help if needed.” 

Of course, un-decking the halls can be just as dangerous, so be sure to stay alert throughout the holidays and beyond. 

When the snow doesn’t show signs of stopping, be extra careful

We’re all dreaming of a white Christmas, but it’s important to remember snow and ice can lead to slick spots in and around your home. 

“Make sure entryways to your house and garage are dry and place a rug or mat near doors to prevent slips and falls,” Chism said. 

Make sure your sleigh ride together doesn’t go sideways! 

Especially in the South, winter weather creates a perfect playground for sledding and snowball fights. Although beautiful, snow and ice can be incredibly dangerous.

“It’s important to scope out your sledding spot and be aware of any dangerous obstacles,” Chism said. “Do not sled near trees, homes or bodies of water. If your sled is headed in the wrong direction, it’s safer to roll off the side than collide with an object.” 

Don’t rock too hard around the Christmas tree

While the holidays pair perfectly with spiked eggnog, cider and hot cocoa, too much alcohol can impair judgment and lead to injuries. It’s important to use extra caution when enjoying cocktails all year round. 

Baby it’s cold outside

Slick spots aren’t the only opportunity for injury during the winter months. When the cold weather creeps in, many may experience arthritis flare-ups.

“Make sure to always bundle up before heading outdoors and always keep your joints warm,” Chism said. “Due to a decrease in sunlight during the winter, talk with your doctor about your vitamin D levels if you experience weakened bones and joints.” 

All we want for Christmas is not to see you!

But we’re here for all of the uh-ohs, and if grandma gets run over by a reindeer, we’re here for that, too. 

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