Recovering from a Knee Injury at the Bone and Joint Institute

Whether you have sprained your knee, undergone a total joint replacement surgery, or simply have an unexplained ache or twinge, the rehabilitation specialists at the Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee can get you back in action. 

We recently sat down with Elaine Radley, PT, of the Bone and Joint Institute. Radley, who is certified in mechanical diagnosis and treatment by the McKenzie Institute, as well as certified in ASTYM treatment of soft tissue injuries and dry needling, explains the knee injury recovery process.

Williamson Source: What types of knee injuries do you treat?

BJIT: We offer post-operative care following procedures such as knee replacement or meniscus surgery, as well as care for patients who haven’t had surgery and might be experiencing a sprain or instability around their knee.

WS: What are the important factors to focus on when recovering from a knee injury?

BJIT: When we move, we don’t move just one joint at a time. So, in therapy, we don’t treat just one joint at a time. While a patient may have an issue in the knee, we treat all of the lower body: the hips, knees, feet, ankles, and so on. We even focus on abdominal strength. As a standard part of our process, we will assess a patient’s lower body function and work on the entirety of the lower half of the body.

We make sure patients have good mechanics in exercising and in sports. We see a lot of athletes for knee rehabilitation and track how they run, jump, and land. We do this through visual examination and also by videotaping and slowing down playback to see exactly what’s going on mechanically with the knees. We can also test function by placing sensors on the athlete’s knee and lower part of the leg. These sensors track motion and can aid in rehabilitation.

Lastly, we make sure patients, especially in our older population, have good balance. We want them to be strong, safe and stable. 

WS: What types of exercises do you do in physical therapy?

BJIT: We focus on muscle strength from the abs down. We work on functional movements like using stairs and squatting. And if a patient relies on an assistive device, such as a cane or walker, we will try to transition them to be as independent as possible while also staying safe. In addition to balance, as I mentioned earlier, we’ll work on general flexibility and range of motion.

WS: How can you prevent knee injuries?

BJIT: Take care of the basics. Make sure you stay strong and flexible. If you are not strong in certain muscle groups, it will change the mechanics of how you move. This will create knee issues. If you can make sure you have strong muscles in your hips and knees, that will protect the mechanics of your knees. 

We have very active patients; when they’re exercising they need to realize that no joint pain is normal. You’re going to have soreness, but if you’re hurting in your joint, you need to be seen.

WS: What makes physical therapy at Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee unique? What are the advantages?

BJIT: The Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee has been a huge force in Williamson County for years. Both our physical therapy staff and our doctors have been treating our communities for decades. We have deep roots in this community. 

Our PT staff has great communication with our physicians. We have full access to the doctors and support staff. Because we are all on the same system, the physical therapists can see the doctor’s notes and critical patient information.

WS: Where can patients find services?

BJIT: We have three locations, including our new Nolensville location, which is in the same clinic as our orthopaedic urgent care. The three offices- Franklin, Nolensville, and Tollgate- all have providers on-location. This is beneficial because we can talk to the providers immediately. We don’t have to call and leave a message.

Advanced Therapy Services at Bone and Joint Institute

For more information about the rehabilitation services available at three Bone and Joint Institute locations, call (615) 791-2640.