Bone and Joint Institute is taking every precaution to keep our patients and staff safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. We understand that this is a stressful time, and you may have questions about your health and the status of an upcoming appointment. Please see frequently asked questions below with our answers. If you have a question not listed below, please give us a call at 615-791-2630.

Thank you for your patience and for taking all necessary precautions as we navigate this ongoing situation. We appreciate your understanding during this time.

Telemedicine Options

For everyone’s safety due to COVID-19, we are now able to offer telemedicine at Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee to our established patients. Government officials are encouraging medical practices to use telemedicine to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

To schedule a telemedicine visit with your provider, please call our office at 615-791-2630 or schedule online through the “MAKE AN APPOINTMENT” tab on our website. Select the “Telemedicine” visit type and please list whether you would like to speak with your provider via phone or FaceTime in the “additional details” field. When you select an appointment, we will contact you within an hour of that scheduled time. Please note that some issues will not be eligible to be addressed via telemedicine.

At this time due to the COVID-19 state of emergency, we have government approval to utilize telemedicine via FaceTime. If you do not have an Apple device that supports FaceTime, you may communicate with your provider over the phone. If needed, please ask a family member to assist you with your device. When you schedule your appointment, please indicate the best number where we can contact you. Per current regulations, we will be following the same billing procedures as if you were being seen in the office. In addition, we are unable to offer this service to new patients and our Rehabilitation Services (physical and occupational therapy) patients.

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COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I still make an appointment with Bone and Joint?

A: Yes, we are still seeing patients, but we are taking special precautions including screening all patients for COVID-19 symptoms upon entering our facility and limiting visitors. If this changes, we will post an update on our website and social media channels. Please note that during this time, we are trying to prioritize our patients based on medical need at our Franklin location.

Please take your temperature prior to your appointment, and call us to reschedule if your temperature is greater than 100.4. If you are a post-operative patient (surgery within the past 90 days) and have a fever greater than 100.4, please call our office immediately.


Q: Can I schedule an appointment with my doctor via telemedicine? 

A: We have implemented a telemedicine option for current patients who are ill or practicing self-isolation. To schedule a telemedicine visit with your provider, please call our office at 615-791-2630 or schedule online and select the “Telemedicine” visit type. For any questions, please contact our office.

If you do not have a device that supports FaceTime, you may speak with your provider over the phone.


Q: Will my upcoming appointment/surgery be canceled?

A: Our office staff will be contacting patients directly if changes to your appointment need to occur.

For patients with an upcoming scheduled surgery, our scheduling team will be reaching out to you to discuss the status of your surgery.

If you are symptomatic with a fever greater than 100.4, a cough or shortness of breath, we are asking that you reschedule your appointment.


Q: Can I reschedule my appointment if I’m quarantined or practicing social distancing? 

A: Yes, you may reschedule your appointment or utilize our telemedicine option, if appropriate.


Q: Is the After-Hours Injury Clinic and Tollgate Office still open?

A: In order to keep everyone safe due to COVID-19, the After-Hours Injury Clinic and our Tollgate satellite office are closed. Rehabilitation Services at Tollgate will remain open. Please call our office or use our online scheduling tool to schedule an appointment.


Q: Can I continue to visit Rehabilitation Services if I am currently in recovery?

A: Yes, you may still visit our Rehabilitation Services, as long as you are not exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.


Q: Can I have my prescriptions refilled for the next few months in advance?

A: For prescription refills, please call our office. We’ll help you receive the amount you need on an individual basis.


Q: What is Bone and Joint doing to prevent the virus from spreading at their facilities?

A: We are screening patients upon entry to the building and cleaning our waiting rooms and exams room frequently throughout the day. We are also encouraging patients to stay home and utilize telemedicine if they do not need to be seen for an urgent matter.


Q: What can I do to stay healthy? 

A: We recommend following the CDC’s guidelines for staying healthy during the outbreak: This includes washing your hands, avoiding contact with your face and mouth, social distancing and avoiding contact with others.


Q: Can I still come to my appointment if I’m showing COVID-19 symptoms? 

A: We ask that you reschedule your appointment if you have symptoms of COVID-19. Common symptoms are fever greater than 100.4, cough and shortness of breath.


Q: Can I bring someone with me to my appointment? Is it OK if someone else drives me to Bone and Joint? 

A: We ask that you do not bring guests with you to your appointment during this time, unless assistance is needed with mobility or communication. Someone can drive you to your appointment; but if you do not require direct assistance, we ask that they stay in the car until your appointment is complete.


Q: I’ve heard Williamson Medical Center is furloughing employees. Is the same true at Bone and Joint Institute?

A: Yes. The Bone and Joint Institute made the very difficult decision to temporarily furlough some employees this week, the week of March 30; but our intention is to bring them back as soon as we are able. As the pandemic unfolds in our community and across Tennessee, we have to take measures to ensure the stabilization of our practice through these unprecedented times. We have postponed elective surgeries, we are screening all patients for COVID-19 symptoms, and we are offering telemedicine options for existing Bone and Joint Institute patients. Our physicians are still working full time and are seeing patients both at our Franklin location and via telemedicine.


Q: Will staff furloughs impact my ability to make an appointment with Bone and Joint?

A: No. All of our physicians are still practicing and are seeing patients with urgent needs at our Franklin location and existing patients via telemedicine, if appropriate. Our Rehabilitation Services department is still offering services at our Franklin and Tollgate locations. We encourage our patients to use our telemedicine option, if possible. Call 615-791-2630 or visit this link to schedule an appointment:


Q: Is my doctor furloughed?

A: No. All Bone and Joint Institute physicians are working full time. They are seeing patients both at our Franklin location and via telemedicine. To make an appointment for our Franklin location or via telemedicine, call 615-791-2630 or visit this link to schedule an appointment:


Q: Whom can I contact if I have other questions? 

A: Please call our office at 615-791-2630.


Q: How can I stay updated on COVID-19 updates at Bone and Joint?

A: We will be keeping this page updated and sending additional updates through our Phreesia email system and social media, if needed.